This is Saleh, not a road maniac rather than a simple bike enthusiast & absolutely a homebound city hiker . . . who sometime unleashes the inner ascetic to sit on the saddle and strike hard the stallion toward the wide and unseen trail like an outlaw…. 🙂

sometime I like to play my guitar…create and edit some music… to listen Heavy Metals….reading adventure novel is my passion….therefore I like to write… but not the novels rather than some personal tour stories or some little bike related technicals for BikeBD

I like to make documentation of my personal events… therefore amateur photography and videography is also in my interest. And I like to do that for my own…. 😀 I have some fascination on technologies also…so I can spent hours and hours even months for researching on some specific technologies or materials at my workshop….that is like my hobby….and those make no sense in real I know…. 🙂

You can figure as quite a little introvert and inner tempered but I think I am quite patient… 😛 do not like crowd, avoid groups & gathering or even social events….I am very much comfortable with my few closest fellows where there is no one to keep me under any rule….and yes I am a rule breaker at my core….I like to do that even unconsciously….. therefore if you are honest with your personality and of-course with good manners….then I can be your friend forever….where my friends even at least try to behave like that….. 😀 \\m//


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